Heading: Luxury Driven: The Boom of High-End Cars in Dubai

**Luxury Car Market Boom in Dubai: Embodying Prestige and Opulence** Dubai's luxury car market is a vibrant showcase of prestige and opulence, fueled by a wealthy population, a tax-free environment, and a penchant for high-end automobiles. From iconic brands like Mercedes-Benz and Rolls-Royce to cutting-edge models like the Bentley Continental GT, Dubai's affinity for luxury cars is a testament to its status as a global hub of extravagance and automotive excellence. Explore the allure of luxury driving in a city where every street is a runway for automotive sophistication.

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Toyota Corolla 2024 Features

Discover the All-New Toyota Corolla 2024: Sleek Design, Advanced Technology, and Unmatched Efficiency. Explore what makes this iconic sedan a standout choice for the modern driver.

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Here's where GM robotaxi unit Cruise stands

For those catching up, this is a synopsis of what happened with General Motors robotaxi unit Cruise and where the company stands today.

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UK sports-car maker McLaren now fully controlled by Bahraini wealth fund

The move will allow McLaren to seek new technical partnerships and investments in electric powertrains.

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Ferrari 812 Superfast/812 GTS

Production is expected to continue through 2024 for the V-12 Superfast coupe and GTS roadster.

STAGE:Ferrari 812 Superfast/812 GTS

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Vintage Porsches drive Ireland’s epic Wild Atlantic Way

The road at the edge of the world A fleet of 38 Porsche enthusiasts took on the world’s longest continuous driving route – Ireland’s stunning Wild Atlantic Way, named ‘the most scenic drive in the world’ by The Huffington Post. Organised by the passionate and dedicated team at Porsche Club Ireland, the inaugural Wild Atlantic Way trip attracted Porsche drivers from around the world sparking the interest of fighter pilots, rally drivers, land speed record... Source: RealWire

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ADLV Working With DVLA on New Real-Time Driving Licence Data Verification System For Fleets

The recently launched ADLV (the Association for Driving Licence Verification) http://www.adlv.co.uk/ has announced that it is now working closely with the DVLA on a new digital service for fleet customers to check driving licence data in real-time. Subject to licence holder consent, the new secure digital web services technology will enable ADLV members, and other organizations meeting DVLA requirements who sign up to the service, to perform 24/7 real-time licence checks for the first time.... Source: RealWire

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Carhiremarket.com reveals the best (and worst) motors to impress your partner on a first date

LONDON, UK 01 August 2012 - If you want to impress on a first date then a Lamborghini or Porsche is the clear favourite with men and women, according to a survey by carhiremarket.com, which reveals that sports cars top the list of the most impressive wheels. In contrast, pulling up to pick up a prospective date in an electric vehicle or pimped up car is a definite no-no. The survey of 1,000 Brits also... Source: RealWire

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VACUUMSCHMELZE (VAC) Announces Binding Supply Agreement with General Motors (GM) to Support EV Growth

HANAU – VAC announced a binding long-term supply agreement with GM for North America permanent magnet production – another major step forward to create a strong, sustainable and scalable supply chain for electric vehicles. As part of the agreement, VAC will build a facility in North America to manufacture permanent magnets for electric motors used in a broad portfolio of EVs. The new facility will use locally sourced raw materials. The binding agreement finalizes a... Source: RealWire

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Aldar announces $136m asset redevelopment plan

The investment will increase the company’s retail portfolio to $273m

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